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Running a business demands many skills, thus requiring many individuals with different skills. A business requires having the following skills:




  • Financial
  • Management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing.
None of the above is more important than the other, because you cant excel in one and be weak in other. Imagine if you are the best marketer but bad in financial controls or in operational support, you will go out of business. These skills can be considered in isolation but all must be present in a successful business.
Marketing is the concept of understanding what the customers/consumers are looking for. Many people in our region confuse marketing with sales; they believe that marketing a product is selling it.
To succeed in business, you must know the essence of customer value perception (CVP), which is:
  • Offering the right product .
  • Targeting the right customer/consumer.
  • Having the right price for the right targeted group.
  • Having the right quality (Value) based on this target group perception.
  • Being profitable.


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