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Excellence does not happen by accident. It is the product of intention and design. Success ultimately depends on the accomplishments of the people who comprise the organization. The best results are achieved when employees feel valued, trusted, and respected. New Horizons Group (NHG) helps you discover, design and sustain the components which fuel employee excellence.



The need to maximize the effectiveness of your work force has never been greater. Your challenge is to multiply the success factors already present in your organization. NHG will assist you to define present strengths, form a shared vision of the future, and put the collective energy of your organization into motion. The goal is to produce an adaptable and reliable work force capable of achieving results in an ever fluid business climate.
Conventional problem solving approaches can be confusing and counter-productive. Focusing time and energy on discussing deficiencies often serves to deepen the deficit. NHG accelerates rates of improvement by helping you focus on how good you are, in order to fuel the vision of how good you can become. With NHG, find the best examples of your successes, envision your ideal future, and maximize your potential to improve.
New Horizons Group is committed to providing practical solutions to real time issues, and to making it easy for clients to access our services. The following are some of the ways NHG is prepared to assist clients:
Customized Consultation
After an initial assessment session, clients decide if they would like to engage the services of NHG to assist them with their concerns. Arrangements are then made to proceed with on site sessions, or arrangements can be made for regularly scheduled sessions over the phone.
Inquiry and Assessment
NHG assists organizations (or individuals) to engage in discussions designed to explore the nature, impact and scope of issues the client is requesting help to resolve. By exploring concerns and interacting with people in their own environment, we can mutually explore the appropriate course of action.
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