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The success of a smart device project is often predetermined by the quality of the development planning that goes into it. Poor advance planning can lead to selecting the wrong project processes; miscalculating the amount of time required to build and test a device; or making lastminute changes to specifications. In contrast, a smart plan can help differentiate a
device from the competition, keep development costs from spiralling out of control, and accelerate time to market.
Get Experts to Study Your Project
New Horizons Group, NGH can help you make the right business decisions at any point in time during your project. You choose the topic and we provide the research, analysis, and findings, including our recommendations for success.
A Study Customized to Your Project
Whether you need to get a device from a napkin sketch to a production line or to manage the migration of an existing device to a new project line a project Feasibility Study can help you get there faster and more effectively.
Every Feasibility Study is unique because each one is tailored to a customerís specific topic of choice. This can include:
  • Analyzing requirements and recommending the best specifications for your project.
  • Planning an end-to-end device development lifecycle project.
  • Solving complex development problems.
Findings Document Lets You Take the Next Step
At the end of a Feasibility Study, NHG delivers a Findings Document summarizing all research and analysis performed by the consultants. The document concludes with a set of highly actionable recom¨mendations for the project, enabling you to take immediate steps to begin the project.
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