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Is your accounting taking up too much of your time?

At Al-Jammali for Auditing and Accounting, we alleviate the burden of your financial organization with our range of services and the individual attention we provide for our clients.

We understand that small business owners have limited time and resources to dedicate to the financial side of production, while concentrating on satisfying clients and creating new  opportunities.  We will improve your small business  by offering

you the liberty of time.
We have a completely networked office environment and provide a monthly accounting service to many of our clients. This service ranges from simply preparing a monthly financial statement from records summarized by our clients to recording all transactions in our own computer system and preparing monthly reports.
We deliver in a timely manner reliable and meaningful data to give owners and management the controls needed to manage their business more effectively. In addition to providing you with financial statements, we can offer interpretations of what those numbers mean and the impact they will have on the business. During the accounting and auditing process, we can assist in identifying potential areas of risk, consider the tax implications, and offer meaningful recommendations.
In other words, we help make businesses more profitable by identifying areas of loss. These include stock, cash, sales and less direct matters such as trading deals and standards. Then, assist clients’ staff in minimizing loss; hence, increasing profitability. This enables clients to address issues they weren't previously aware of.



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