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The New Horizons Group, L.T.D, was founded in Doha, Qatar on 07/07/1999. We became aware (for a while now) of this importance and consequences of our role, realizing the necessity of coordinating our efforts, to serve the business community.

To emphasize the NHG’s objective towards knowledge NHG, that uses modern management and marketing technology to effectively develop the Arab potentials. Whether the challenges are recognition for the marketing and development function, budget constraints, employee issue, or the decision to centralize or decentralize marketing activities, we help clients to work through the options to meet personal and organizational goals.

We document the plan to create a comprehensive marketing and development strategy and ensure that you have highly efficient and effective marketing team.

On an on-going basis we work with clients to monitor and update their plans, and refine the strategy to accommodate the changing needs of their organization.

All of our work is completed in the strictest confidence and clients can trust that their marketing and development agenda will remain private.


Running a business demands many skills, thus requiring many individuals with different skills.

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The success of a smart device project is often predetermined by the quality of the development planning that goes into it.

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